“I have had 2 back surgeries and need to go to a chiropractor to keep my back aligned and pain free. I was at my doctor’s office one day and he asked if I wanted a free adjustment. I said sure, why not? That is when I met Dr. Andrew. The time he took and the way he adjusted me was unlike anything I had experienced before. I remember asking him “Is this how your adjustments are every time, or is this just a first time routine?” His answer was “every time” and that was that. I instantly stopped going to my other chiropractor and true to his word, his adjustments are phenomenal each and every time I go in. Dr. Andrew is not just excellent at what he does, he is an excellent human being. He is kind and gentle and truly cares about my health and wellbeing. I have been seeing him for almost a year now and have never felt better! I recommend anyone looking for a good chiropractor to go see Dr. Andrew. He will absolutely amaze you!”

– Peggy P.

“Dr. Andrew is the best! Its nice to finally find a chiropractor who doesn’t just crack you and collect a check. He’s given me exercises to strengthen my shoulders and upper back, which makes me feel like he’s really trying to help me progress instead of just being dependent on his work. His adjustments are always gentle and he’s very friendly and personable.”

– Logan R.

“Dr. Bosier is absolutely an exceptionally talented doctor worth every penny. I’m an office working mom, who often comes in with a back tweaked from keyboard use and holding my toddler! I’ve never found a more caring, holistic provider. He cares so much about his patients and truly befriends them. But he’s also so darn good at what he does! His incredible skill has made a chronic neck injury so much better. He has gone above and beyond in terms of flexible scheduling and spending extra time with me when I’ve come in, in pain. I’ve heard from a number of people who have been to many chiros that he is the best chiropractor they’ve ever been to. He has also a very positive and laid back personality, which is great. He’s determined to get things right and make you feel better, and it shows. I have admittedly been skeptical of chiropractors but I know without a doubt I’m in both knowledgeable and safe hands with Dr. Bosier.”

– Becky L.

“This doc knows his stuff. Not your typical in and out cold adjustment. Energy in the office is zen and relaxing. As is the doctor. Top of the line equipment. Bodywork and stretching, adjusts all joints, not just spine. Seriously one of the best adjustments ever. My low back and neck feel amazing. Thank you so much.”

– Amanda B.

“Wow- what a difference a good adjustment makes. I believe in Chiropractic care for health and wellness. Being overactive at a fundraiser was causing serious neck and upper back issues, a good adjust has relieved much of the tension that was causing my headaches. Loved the atmosphere and positive energy.”

– Maria M.

“We are so lucky to have found Dr. Andrew Bosier. He is an amazing Chiropractor, who’s demeanor is professional, gentle and calming. His holistic approach to treatment empowers his patients to heal not only their bodies, but also their minds. His energy is loving, kind and positive. It is amazing to have a local doctor who makes himself available in times of emergency. He surrounds himself with a wonderful staff making the office a ‘one stop’ in times of wellness and illness.”

– B.S.

“Firstly, I agree with all the other great reviews 100%. I’m 54, and have 25+ year history of back problems. A few surgeries, low back fusion. I have slowly regressed, and have been on disability now for a few years. I always have gotten much relief from Chiros in the past. It’s been years, I always had the belief no Chiro would want to touch me. My doctor in Stuart recommended I chat with Dr. Bosier, He didn’t hesitate. I was hoping for relief from some issues with my shoulders. Well after a month of treatment, I was feeling so much better. Not only has he addressed my shoulders, he has had a tremendous positive effect on a migraine problem. (For years, I have been trying to figure what triggers them) During his care, I also had a torn meniscus, and a surgery on tendons in my foot. He was quick to offer some relief in those areas, and to my surprise it worked! I really didn’t expect any help for my lower back, I think I am heading for another surgery. But I have gotten relief there too. Dr. Drew is a great guy. He listens, and treats the whole spine and more. He’s not like some, that immediately says you need x-rays, and 10 -30 appointments. It doesn’t feel like he is after the money, as much as he is after your well being. He’s also been so generous, knowing I am on disability, and not always being able to pay at the time of service. I feel blessed having Dr. Bosier on my team, you will too!”

– John S.

“Dr. Bosier literally has changed my life. I was in a life altering horseback riding accident almost six years ago and I had to have cervical spinal surgery because I could not stand the pain in my neck. I broke my back and two fractures in my left scapula. My life was changed completely. Not only could I not ride and compete anymore or exercise as I loved to do but I had problems putting the dishes in the dishwasher and living the routine of a daily life. I can’t tell you how many Drs, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc. that I saw over the years but I still remained in pain everyday. I stopped into Dr Bosier’s office and it took me a while to give him a chance to work on me. I was so tired of people either hurting me more or getting nowhere. I was really nervous to let him adjust me but i finally did and I just stuck with it and now I can’t believe it but I am not in pain any longer. He has totally loosened up my neck and back and I no longer spasm every single day as I used to. I have a range of motion in my neck that I never had even close to. Sometimes I might do too much and have some pain but then I go back in to Dr. Bosier and he adjusts me and I’m good to go. I am not riding because I don’t choose to but I ride my bike everyday, workout, Pilates, swim, hike and ski. I have my life back!! For me the work that Dr Bosier has done for me has been nothing short of a miracle. I highly recommend anyone that has neck or back problems to at least go and let him have a crack!!!”

– Ellen S.