Neck pain is one of the most common conditions among people seeking medical care in Boynton Beach, with an estimated one out of every three adults complaining of related discomfort every year. There are myriad causes of neck pain, ranging from stress to poor posture, to an injury brought on by an accident. It becomes especially prevalent as we age, and can be related to osteoarthritis.


Our chiropractor at the offices of XLB Physical Medicine has had years of training and experience working with people of all ages to provide relief and healing from neck pain. We offer a hands-on approach that utilizes a variety of safe, drug-free, non-invasive therapies. We provide a level of personal attention and service that is simply unmatched. Performing a physical and neurological examination, and then listening carefully to our patients to get a full picture of their health, medical history, and daily activities, allows us to determine the most effective treatment approach.

The neck, technically referred to as the cervical spine, has quite a workload. It supports our heads, which is no easy task: The human head weighs an average of 12 pounds, and our necks need to be flexible enough to move around in almost every direction. Wear and tear from a wide range of ordinary, everyday movements can make even the strongest neck sore.

One of the most common approaches our chiropractor uses to relieve neck pain is an adjustment of the joints known as cervical manipulation. This hands-on technique is geared toward an increasing range of motion and mobility of the neck, while also relieving the pressure on adjoining muscles. Many of our patients say they experience a reduction in pain and soreness, and improvements in their ability to move their heads.

If you’ve been experiencing lingering neck pain and soreness, the chiropractor at XLB Physical Medicine can provide relief — without surgery or medication. Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

By XLB Physical Medicine

February 24, 2022

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