Most people will experience a headache in Boynton Beach at some point in their life. Usually, they resolve themselves over time; however, continuous headaches preventing you from completing daily activities should be looked at by a professional. In order to understand the root of your headaches, refer to this information from XLB Physical Medicine – Boynton Beach for relief.


Numerous reasons can be the cause of your headaches. Known causes are lifestyle choices, underlying health issues, genetics and poor posture. Triggers known to start headaches are certain foods, smells, bright lighting, loud noises, too much exercise, blood sugar variations, sleeping with an improper pillow, incorrect posture during the day and not enough sleep.

Fortunately, an estimated 95 percent of headache instances are unrelated to an underlying health problem or disease. Spending extended periods of time in the same position can cause muscle tightness in your neck or upper back which can cause headaches. In essence, improving habits and scheduling an appointment with your Boynton Beach chiropractor can solve just about every headache.


Taking time to improve your own health is the best headache relief suggestion a Boynton Beach chiropractor can give. Make sure to make time to move around if you are sitting all day during your job. It can be a simple walk around the office or some stretching, anything but sitting in the same position.

Demanding exercises should be put on hold during periods of common throbbing headaches. Working out is still acceptable, just reduce the stress on your body. Lastly, staying hydrated is a great tip for avoiding headaches. Make sure to drink water throughout the day!


After using these tips, if headaches are still occurring you should contact our Boynton Beach chiropractic team at XLB Physical Medicine – Boynton Beach today to schedule an appointment. WIth a simple spinal adjustment, the alignment of your vertebrae can reduce and eliminate your headache pain.

At XLB Physical Medicine – Boynton Beach our team can assist with any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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